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Are you still wondering if the folding water bottle is safe?

Silicone products from the point of view of chemicals belong to one-component room temperature curing liquid rubber products, it is already silicone elastomer material as raw material, compared to the rubber products, now a lot of life USES the product instead of the rubber products, silicone products for silica gel products, first of all, no toxicity, and rubber products toxic, colorless, tasteless, and silica gel products and environmental protection.

At the same time, it is very soft, but rubber products are smelly, colored, and polluting the environment, in terms of price, rubber products are very cheap compared with silica gel products. At present, the application of silicone products is very wide, people’s food, clothing, housing, and medical practice are involved.

Hot weather, go out, drink a rest assured hot water is really not easy, but the hotel’s hot kettle, really dare not use! Therefore, the birth of a hot tourist hotel must-have magic – silicone folding kettle, with a key folding, easy to carry, and other characteristics are highly sought after.

But after big heat, all kinds of doubts also come, the water heater material that mostly consumer solidify still stays in common stainless steel material, Is silica gel folding kettle really safe?

Development history of silicone

In China, people may not have much contact with the silicone industry and its products, not deep understanding, but in fact, the development of the global silicone industry has a long history. Since the invention of the silicone tube in the 18th century marked the beginning of the development of the silicone industry, the silicone industry has been booming.

Silicone does not equal plastic

The main component of plastic is resin, and the main component of silica gel is silica, chemical stability, do not burn. Good quality plastic, the highest temperature resistance is about 120 DEG C, and silica gel texture is flexible, has a strong advantage in thermal stability (temperature resistance range -40 DEG C ~230 DEG C), even after high temperature open fire baking combustion decomposition of substances are non-toxic tasteless white smoke and white dust. This feature makes the safety and stability of silica gel much higher than even the food-grade plastic material, which is more reassuring in the application of silica gel folding kettle.

The characteristics of silica gel material

·Easy to clean

Silicone products can be washed in clean water after use, and can also be washed in the dishwasher.

·Long life

Silicone material chemical properties are very stable, compared with other materials, and have a longer life.

·Soft and comfortable

Thanks to the softness of silica gel material, silica gel products feel comfortable, very flexible, no deformation.

·Environmental and non-poisonous

Maternal and infant silicone products from raw materials in the factory to the finished product shipment do not produce any toxic and harmful substances.

Each country has national food safety standards, as long as the silica gel products meet the relevant national standards, the silica gel material of foldable kettles is safe for the human body.

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