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The Wonderful Use Of Wine Stopper

Wine is delicious and charming, but there is one drawback, “once the bottle is opened, it will not last much time”. So, the question arises again, what to do with the remaining half of the bottle of wine and drink it within a few days? Why can’t wine be kept for too long after opening the bottle?

Afraid of oxidation!

Whether it is red wine or white wine, are afraid of contact with the air, resulting in oxidation reactions.

Oxidation is both a good and bad thing for wine.

The oxidation reaction with the air will allow the wine to have a colorful aroma and flavor, and get a unique and rich taste flavor.

I always say red wine needs to wake up, wake up or not, drink a big difference.

The principle behind waking up is actually the oxidation reaction between wine and air.

Red wine wakes up, is the wine and air oxidation to the right good. Red wine still needs to be awakened, which means that the wine has not been oxidized with air long enough. When a glass of red wine is woken up too much, it has been oxidized for too long and some of the flavors have been emitted.

Moreover, there is a saying, “taste red wine as taste life, with the passage of time, red wine will have a variety of different flavors taste, just like life, ups, and downs, taste a hundred different”.

The meaning of the phrase, to put it plainly, is that the wine is gradually oxidized by air, in various stages of oxidation, resulting in different aromas and flavors.

The process of continuous oxidation of wine is also a gradual process of “death”.

Fully oxidized red wine, with a strong taste of soy sauce with vinegar, the wine has been “dead”, and can no longer drunk.

Therefore, if the bottle of wine, can not be drunk on the spot, must be “drink how much to pour”, pour out quickly with a cork cap corked to keep the air out. If you can’t finish the wine on the spot, the best way is to keep it in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Immediately after the wine is poured out, cork it with a cork stopper to keep the remaining wine, as much as possible, less exposed to air.

Also, the cork is corked as tightly as it can be, and it is best to cork it all the way to the top of the bottle.

There are also times when the bottle is opened, accidentally open the cork broken, or cork open only half left, some friends can not do anything about it.

So this time, a red wine bottle stopper is vital.

The cute knitted cap shape also keeps the aroma of the bottle’s unfinished liquor. Food-grade silicone can be used again and again. Suitable for a variety of caliber bottle tops, red wine champagne, and even soy sauce and beverage bottles. Surface three-dimensional preparation texture, turning uninteresting wine bottles into warm and lovely decorations, can withstand 230 degrees, washable.

French metal wine stopper, treasure your beloved, and continue the romantic feelings. Selected zinc alloy material, safe and healthy. Multi-layer rubber ring seal, multiple protection, isolate the air, to avoid the deterioration of red wine and air contact. Carefully built solid plug body, heavy feel, smooth surface treatment, durable.

Vacuum preservation wine stopper, a handle wine storage troubles. Vacuum sealed, isolated from oxygen, to maintain the mellow taste. Time scale, storage memory integration, to ensure the freshness of red wine at any time.

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