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The evolution of the corkscrew

Since the day wine was bottled in glass, corkscrews have been developed along with wine. The primary function of a corkscrew is to cut the cap of a red wine bottle and pull out the cork in order to drink the wine of your choice. And with the development of the science and technology industry corkscrew from the first generation to the third generation, from the initial “steel worms” to the emergence of various high-tech products, have also experienced decades of development.

The first generation of corkscrews

The invention of the corkscrew originated from the rise of glass bottle bottling in the 17th century, people began to use the cork to seal the bottle, but to pull the cork out at the time was a problem, the corkscrew is a spiral wire so people jokingly called the “steel worm”, this corkscrew if not a little strength, or really not Easy to open the wine, and the shape is not beautiful. Even now, in supermarkets, and hotels, such a bottle opener is often seen, the main reason is the low cost. This spiral corkscrew was used for nearly 100 years before it was replaced by a second-generation corkscrew.

Second Generation Corkscrews

With the progress of industry, stainless steel corkscrews have been recognized and developed in many forms. For example butterfly corkscrew, seahorse corkscrew, rabbit corkscrew, Ah-So corkscrew, and so on. They have many more functions than the first generation of corkscrews, but they all have a commonality, that is, all are using the principle of leverage. One of the more famous is the seahorse corkscrew, the German Carl F.A. Wienke 1882 invented a tool called “bartender’s assistant” (Butler’s friend), which is now known as the seahorse knife. Since the day it was invented there has been no comparable corkscrew, so the hippocampus corkscrew is also the most popular corkscrew. It is said that every Frenchman who drinks wine carries a hippocampus knife in his pocket, which shows how well the hippocampus knife is recognized. At the same time, because of its beauty and lightness, practicality, and effortlessness, the Hippocampus Corkscrew is the corkscrew that sommeliers carry with them, and therefore also has the title of “waiter Friend”.

The third generation of bottle opener

As the first and second-generation corkscrews are not suitable for women in a certain sense, because they are more laborious to use. Therefore, the electric corkscrew was born, which got rid of the shortcomings of the first and second-generation wine corkscrews, which were laborious and clumsy, and are technically mature and stylish. The process of opening a bottle takes only a few seconds, but no matter what kind of electric corkscrew, you must ensure that there is electricity before using it.

Beer and wine two-in-one bottle opener overall cylindrical, about 25cm long, moderate weight. From the pictures taken can be seen, that its overall design is very simple and textured, mainly using stainless steel + ABS material, and the overall workmanship is also very good. The black ABS part of the delicate matte oil coating treatment and the stainless steel part also used a delicate brushing process, not only to make the bottle opener more glossy, but the grip is also very comfortable.
The beer and wine two-in-one bottle opener uses a built-in battery, and the charging port is located on the back of the opener, using a common USB interface design with smartphones, with the package also coming with a USB charging cable. In order to identify the charging status, a beer and wine two-in-one bottle opener charging interface is also set up above a charging indicator, blue light indicates that is charging, and a charge can open about 50 bottles of wine.

For the wine opener, beer and wine two-in-one corkscrew also comes with a tinfoil cutter, set in the bottom of the corkscrew, remove the tinfoil cutter can be used directly. In addition, remove the tinfoil cutter you can see the corkscrew spiral hook, as it is in direct contact with the cork parts, and may come into contact with the wine, so the round music directly using food-grade contact material and Teflon material, can be directly in contact with the wine, the use of more secure.

Previously, we may open the wine first to tear off the bottle tinfoil, with the tinfoil cutter, directly with the inner side of the blade close to the mouth of the bottle, and then use your fingers to clamp and rotate the tinfoil cutter, you can easily and beautifully cut open the tinfoil cap. In order to use safety, the tinfoil cutter blade has been deliberately debugged hundreds of times to ensure that both easy to cut the tin cap, and will not cut fingers.

After cutting open the tinfoil cap, hold the bottle in your left hand, hold the beer wine 2-in-1 corkscrew in your right hand and align the bottom spiral hook with the bottle opening, then press the electric button below to start the corkscrew. Because the beer wine two-in-one corkscrew uses a high-precision silent motor with strong torque, so be sure to hold the bottle tightly when using it, and you can quickly and completely remove the cork in about 8 seconds.
After removing the cork, press the electric button above, the screw hook will withdraw the cork from the corkscrew. It can be said that the whole process of using the beer and wine opener to open red wine is as smooth as running water, if the use of a traditional seahorse knife to open red wine is torture, then the use of a beer and wine opener is really a kind of enjoyment.
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