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An introduction to wine glasses

As soon as you enter the wine pit, most wine friends should be well aware that playing wine costs money, not only in the purchase of wine but also in the purchase of a series of auxiliary equipment such as wine glasses, decanters, wine cabinets and so on. In particular, crystal cups, and decanters, because of the pleasing appearance characteristics, can stimulate the majority of wine friends to have the desire, so as a beginner wine small white, how to buy their first wine glass?

Firstly, a preliminary understanding of wine glasses

Glasses made of crystal (Science: The main component of glass and crystal is the same thing called silica, but the proportion of silica is not the same, which makes the difference in hardness) – why do you need a crystal glass to drink wine?

Because wine is so diverse and changeable, tasting its many subtle variations requires the help of a crystal glass. Tasting wine is divided into three main parts, each directly related to the different senses.

The first step is to observe with the eyes, the second is to smell the aroma of the wine with the nose, and the last is to taste the wine with the help of a crystal cup.

Secondly, the type and choice of wine glasses

For beginners, the most afraid is to face ten thousand kinds of cups that do not know which good, for fear of using the wrong joke. In fact, there is no need to think too much, and greatly choose a favorite cup to drink up, after all, the first principle of drinking is happiness. Basically, most wines can be made using a single Bordeaux, which is a glass that looks like this and is the most common red wine glass:

Bordeaux is a typical red wine glass. It has a longer body and a larger, rounder belly, which allows the wine to be exposed to enough air on a larger surface to aid oxidation. A narrow rim allows the aromas of the wine to concentrate on the rim. The general style of strong, strong red wine is suitable for Bordeaux cup tasting.

What size should I choose? 500ml is very practical, not too small. A 500ml glass is about this big compared to a bottle of red wine:

After understanding the most basic Bordeaux cups, we can find that the characteristics of these cups are similar. Except for the appearance design, they are basically big belly and small mouth, and the ratio between the belly and the mouth of the cup is also very different. These are all deformation of Bordeaux cups:

If you want to be more sophisticated and drink white wine in a different glass, choose a white wine glass:

You must say, are you kidding me, why does it look like a glass of wine?
It’s not the same size:
Why is that? Because the white wine is basically to drink some ice, the glass is smaller, won’t pour too much at a time, before the wine is heated up to drink. This way it will be iced every time you pour it out, so it will taste better:
And you want to be a little more sophisticated? What kind of glass do you use for sparkling wine?
Use this:
So long and thin, mainly to facilitate the observation of bubbles, drinking sparkling wine is a great pleasure to observe bubbles. And then there’s the cup, which is another barrier for so many newcomers. It’s not complicated at all. Just remember one rule: Keep your hands off the liquor. That’s all you need to remember.

Why is that? Because:

The best temperature for red grapes is 16~20 degrees, while the temperature for human hands is 37 degrees. The best temperature for white wine is 3~7 degrees, and everyone knows the temperature of hands. You see? It’s nothing complicated. Knowing this principle, the basic method of holding a cup comes out:

There’s another way to hold a glass, which works for standing drinks and is useful when you’re standing and chatting for long periods of time:
Of course, there are more than just these two ways of holding a glass. You can be as creative as you like, as long as you don’t turn the wine into a dog, haha ~
Finally, let’s talk about the etiquette of clinking glasses. In Chinese wine tables, it is a common etiquette that if the other party is an elder, superior or someone whom you respect, the glasses should be lowered lower than the other party to show respect.
This etiquette mainly applies to drinking white wine, or beer, more Chinese etiquette.
Basically, Western table manners should be applied when drinking red wine. Westerners drink red wine when they generally drink their own, according to their own dining rhythm, not often cheers, clink glasses. Sometimes a toast would be raised across the table, and if the glasses needed to be clinked, they would be clinked in a cross-over style like this:
Did you get it?Get started on your wine journey.
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