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Bottle opener gift set practical and value for money wine time a box to do.

A good horse with a good saddle and wine with beautiful tools, order to wine is not a lot of equipment, wine opener, paper cutter, wake-up call, fresh corks, wine tools, etc., each one alone to buy not much money, but add up to a considerable amount, more varieties also consider storage problems. I found a wine opener set of such things, a fully automatic corkscrew plus small practical accessories, no need to piece together, wine time a box to get.

Colorful gift box packaging, a more high-end atmosphere, including an automatic bottle opener, paper cutter, wine pourer, vacuum preservation cork, and charging cable, follow the gift box to open the wine time.

Bottle Opener

Bottle opener surface stainless steel looks plain, and warm in hand; it weighs about 234g, has a diameter of 48mm, height of 230mm, compared with the previously bought manual models, there is a sense of deep heaviness.

The in/out button is an integrated key with a non-slip texture at both ends, and a four-frame power display above the button, we could make a custom logo on the bottle opener.

Unlike electric corkscrews that put four batteries, this corkscrew comes with a 550 mA lithium battery with a standard Micro USB interface, which can be recharged and used repeatedly. In the case of a full charge, the correct user can continue to open more than 70 bottles of red wine at one time, and the entire life of the machine more than 600 bottles.

In the actual operation, the left hand first fixed the bottle. The right hand will open the bottle vertically to the mouth of the bottle. Long press the open button and force it down. At this time the right-hand needs to be in the horizontal and vertical two directions at the same time force. You can pull out the cork, in accordance with the receding cork key cork will rotate to fall off. The process is very fast, there will be no cracking or falling slag situation.

Paper cutter

The paper cutter can be flat to cut through the tinfoil, the blade is very sharp. Buckled in the mouth of the red wine bottle, rotates back and forth a few times. And the tinfoil is cut off as a whole. Here to share an experience, some oops, but learned new knowledge.

Wine Pourer

When pouring wine, red wine may spill out, especially the moment you stop pouring wine. With a wine pourer can effectively prevent red wine from spilling out. The pourer is small and large, and there are three diversions. When pouring wine to increase the contact with the air, accelerate the oxidation. And can play a role in waking up the wine. When pouring wine with a wine pourer, the red wine foam is richer.

Vacuum Wine Stopper

Red wine once to drink, let the cork back again is unlikely, the vacuum preservation cork should come on the scene, the cork into the mouth of the bottle, pull the piston rod up and down, more than a few times to feel pumping, at this time the bottle is close to the vacuum, easy to preserve.

This gift box meets all the needs from opening to storing wine, in short, it’s practical and good value. It can also be used for personal use or sent to friends and family as a token of appreciation.

More designs for choosing and Custom logo is welcome.

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