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New favorite bar — stainless steel ice cubes, how to choose?

Hot weather, everyone likes to have a glass of iced drinks, ice is easy to dilute the drink, stainless steel ice cubes are the new favorite iced drinks. This paper introduces the purchase of stainless steel ice and related technology.

First, the purchase method of stainless steel ice cube:

• Look at the ice

At present, there are 304 stainless steel ice cubes and 316 stainless steel ice cubes on the market. When you choose and buy, you should pay attention to the food grade before you can buy. The food grade stainless steel is made of, and the comparison of oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.

• Look at the ice cube

This can be chosen according to personal preference. Stainless steel ice cube has different shapes, such as square, round, heart, diamond, diamond, etc., exquisite shape, beautiful and interesting.

• Look at the brand of ice

Whether online or offline, there are many different stainless steel ice brands, it is recommended to choose a more well-known brand.


The above summary of a few stainless steel ice cube purchase suggestions, we should pay more attention to when starting, to avoid the selection of inappropriate stainless steel ice cube.

Two, how is the stainless steel ice cube made?

To keep the drink cold, the stainless steel ice cube contains a secret code. We often see some bloggers cut ice cubes, and the liquid comes out of them, and the liquid is coolant, and people say, how do you put it in? Why aren’t there any gaps? And wrapped it up? The answer is half plus half.

In fact, stainless steel ice cubes are not formed as one. It consists of two square hollow blocks (half a cube) welded together and liquid injected through holes in one half. As shown in the picture:

First, half of the ice is stretched out of a stainless steel sheet to create a half-cube hollow shell, much like stamping in the manufacture of a nonstick pan.

Then cut the edges so that each shell falls individually. This process is somewhat similar to the complex shape of Ferrero’s cut ball. A plate of ice is so cut off, cut off the soul of the aluminum plate is useless.

Next, a small hole must be punched through one of the faces, behind which the liquid will be injected. Then put the two half cubes together and weld them together with argon arc welding.

As can be seen, the surface of stainless steel now has four seam lines. It’s a little ugly, but we can all do it! You see this little hole? That’s where we’re going to inject the liquid.
What’s in the stainless steel ice cube? It’s just some simple mixture. There are two main types. One is a mixture of water and alcohol, and the other is a mixture of water and glycerin, which lowers the freezing point so that it doesn’t freeze at minus 10 degrees.
The process of injecting coolant into the stainless steel ice cube is similar to that of a tightly sealed ampoule, in which the syringe is injected with liquid. Of course, the mixture should not be filled too full, in case it does become solid, there will still be a margin for expansion. The overhead controls are argon-welded flat, as if they were filled with chocolate.
The last thing is to sit in rows and polish. Place stainless steel ice cubes on straight forward slots for automatic polishing.
You can see that some of the seams are already smooth, and some of the seams are not well cast. Let’s go ahead and change the face. Stainless steel ice had seams, polished more, there is no seam.

After every surface has been completely polished, it is the most white and shiny clean steel ice

Some stainless steel ice cubes will also use a laser on the surface of the logo or words. In order to avoid the damage to the surface of stainless steel ice in the process of processing, the factory will also be coated in advance, which is the following layer of milky white.

Then the whole stainless steel ice wash brush, perfect exposed under the stainless steel surface, stainless steel ice is done.
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