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How to pick a wine bottle opener?

What’s the most embarrassing thing about drinking wine?

 I think the cork is cut in half or even dropped in. I’m sure you don’t want something like this to happen while you’re drinking wine.

So how do you stop this embarrassment? The answer is nothing more than a good wine bottle opener.

We often get T-corkscrews from merchants. This corkscrew is super simple, to be honest. First of all, the structure is simple, composed of a handle and auger drill; Secondly, it is very easy to use, just turn the auger bit into the cork and hold the handle to lift it up. Finally, it is very easy to go wrong, and the cork can be pulled or broken if you are not careful. Ha ha, I wonder if you have used it?

Here are some wine bottle openers.

1. Traditional T opener

As a primitive corkscrew, the principle is indeed barbaric. There are no gears, no levers, just a simple grip for you to apply force, not enough experience to open a bottle, just brute force, a 99.9% chance of destroying a cork. Perhaps the main function is to measure the strength of the biceps, fitness friends to challenge.

2. Butterfly wine bottle opener

Easy to operate, and labor-saving, the use of the double-sided lever principle, has a gear at the handle, that will tighten the drill, as long as the handle at the same time to press down, and lift up, you can pull out the cork. The downside is that the drill can puncture the cork and drop cork chips into the wine, so be careful.

3. The Seahorse Knife Wine Bottle opener, is a favorite of sommeliers.

The bottle opener used by sommeliers is called a “seahorse knife” and usually consists of a wine knife (the foil used to cut through the mouth of packaging bottles), an auger drill, and a stopper. It also seems simple enough. After the auger bit is drilled into the wine stopper, the stopper bracket is placed on the edge of the neck and the wine is pulled out step by step. Seahorse knife is foldable, portable, and versatile, enabling sommeliers to meet customers’ demand for wine opening anytime and anywhere, which makes it favored by sommeliers.

4.Lazy people must – electric wine bottle opener

Now small items are really very convenient, for the lazy at home, you can have an electric bottle opener. We just put the bottle opener at the top of the wine bottle and press the down button, it will automatically screw the screw into the cork. After screwing it in, we press the up button, and the bottle opener will automatically pull out the cork, completely automatic.

5. A ritual wine bottle opener — a rabbit bottle opener

Although convenient, electric corkscrews are not very common in our community, and I think most of the reason is that wine lovers have a sense of ritual when it comes to drinking and prefers to enjoy the wine opening process more. The bottle opener was simple and efficient enough to satisfy my sense of ritual wine opening. The only drawback was that it was a little expensive.

In short, there are many kinds of corkscrews on the market, and it is better to have one that works well at home than to have a T-opener that breaks the cork. If you are not careful, break the cork, it is often a matter ~~ two reference methods.

1. Use the auger drill bit to hook into the cork at an inclined Angle to fix it, avoid the bigger hole drilled, tightly press one side of the inner wall of the bottle mouth, and pull it up vertically.

2. push the cork into the bottle, or immediately pour the wine into the decanter, so that the cork will not affect the taste of the wine.

Hope you never have to refer to lol. A variety of bottle openers for you to choose from, can also customize the logo.

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